Outdoor Limestone Cleaning and Sealant App.

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Outdoor Patio Limestone Cleaning and Sealant Application Monte Sereno, Bay Area

Mold growth on porous natural stone and concrete can be a problem in the Bay Area. The dark areas on this natural stone entry and patio are from mold growth due to multiple years without proper limestone cleaning and re-sealing. Stone Improvement was called in for this tough limestone cleaning job. With our floor machines, hard surface extractor, and a lot of elbow grease we were able to remove a majority of the mold stains. This process restored the limestone and prepared it for proper sealant application. Our nano particle outdoor sealant was applied to give maximum protection against minerals, salts, oils, water, and UV light which break down traditional over the counter sealants. This sealant is VOC free, will not harm plants or animals, and lasts longer because of the unique way it creates a covalent bond with the substrate. Now these folks can enjoy their beautiful limestone patios, worry free for many years to come.