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Paint Removal, Cleaning, Concrete Staining and Coating Application San Francisco, Bay Area

San Francisco fog can be a problem, especially with a slippery, painted entry next to the beach in the Sunset District. This client decided that concrete staining was the way to go. Stone Improvement was able to remove the outdoor paint from the concrete using a variety of techniques and restoration equipment. After stripping up the paint, the area is thoroughly cleaned using our hard surface extractor. This removes any contaminates so they can be disposed of properly without polluting the environment. The concrete is allowed to dry for multiple days to ensure proper concrete staining and sealant application. Our nano particle penetrating sealant mixes with the stain to form a one part application process. This cutting edge product makes concrete staining much more affordable than just a couple of years ago. This client was excited to see such a difference between her previously painted and slippery entry compared to her newly stained, sealed, and safer entry. Please check out the before and after photo under our “Portfolio” page.