Porcelain Tile Cleaning

-Porcelain Tile Cleaning-

Porcelain Tile Cleaning and Concrete Sealing  on Fountain San Mateo, Bay Area

This hospital in San Mateo was having problems with the deteriorating concrete clogging up the pump system in their fountain. The chlorine and other chemicals that are added to the water badly corroded the concrete, creating sand and pebbles. This sediment clogged the pumps and made the fountain inoperable. Stone Improvement was hired for the porcelain tile cleaning and pressure washing of the concrete. We first scrubbed down the concrete with our specialty cleaners and scrub brushes. Our 1,200 psi extractor machine was able to blast away any loose particles from the concrete and remove them from the fountain. After the porcelain tile cleaning process, the areas were thoroughly dried. We then applied “Creto” Deep Penetrating Sealant to the concrete. This specialty sealant crystallizes through the concrete, preventing any further corrosion. This is a one time application that will last the life of the concrete.


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