Marble Tile Cleaning and Sealing

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Marble Bathroom Tile Cleaning, Caulking and Sealant Application San Francisco, Bay Area

The SOMA district of San Francisco has many newly built lofts with natural stone features in the bathrooms and kitchens. This loft has lovely marble bathroom floors and shower stall with a black granite vanity. The grout in the shower stall was starting to get moldy along with the caulking around the tub. Stone Improvement was hired for this tile and grout cleaning, caulking and sealant application service. We first scrubbed down the tile and grout with our grout brushes and natural stone cleaner. We then finished the tile cleaning with our hard surface extractor. The extractor machine uses 1,100 psi water pressure along with a dual vacuum system to remove any mold and deep clean the tile and grout. The areas are then dried and the previous caulking is removed. New color and texture matched caulking is applied around the base of the tub and allowed to dry. We then seal all of the marble tile and grout with a solvent based penetrating sealant. Sealing the tile and grout after the tile cleaning is recommended to help protect the grout from mold damage and to prevent etching and staining of the marble.


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