Marble Tile Stripping and Cleaning

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Marble Tile Stripping, Cleaning, and Sealant Re-application Belvedere, Marin

A water leak from the roof damaged the walls and floors of this beautiful home in Belvedere. The carpets had to be removed and the marble flooring was dilapidated and dirty looking. Stone Improvement was subcontracted for the tile stripping, cleaning and sealing service. We first masked off the areas and laid down our natural stone stripper. The areas are then scrubbed with our floor machine equipped with non-abrasive pads. After the tile stripping is completed, we then go over the areas with our hard surface extractor machine. This deep cleans the tile and grout and removes any residues from the strippers. We cleaned the kitchen counters, bathroom shower stall and vanity with the extractor machine as well. The areas are allowed to thoroughly dry and the a penetrating sealant is applied to the natural stone. The solvent based penetrating sealant does not affect the look of the tile but protects the marble from etching and staining. Using a penetrating sealant opposed to a wax will ensure the tile stripping process will never have to be done again. Now the floor looks beautiful and will be protected for years to come.


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