Marble Polishing Service

-Marble Polishing Service-

Marble Polishing Service San Rafael, Bay Area

This was a home in San Rafael that had marble countertops in the kitchen. The countertops had etch marks all over from years of cooking. Polishing the marble with diamond embedded pads is the only way to remove etch marks from marble. There are different grit levels that are used to achieve your desired sheen. We used a hand grinder and smaller diamond embedded pads to re polish the marble countertop. We masked off everything in the kitchen before we began the marble polishing process. After the marble polishing we let the counter completely dry before sealing it with a penetrating sealer. The sealer takes 24 hours to fully cure.



Stone Improvement services include restoration, cleaning, sealing, polishing, honing, paint and sealant removal, scratch and etch removal on all natural stone, concrete, tile, marble, travertine, granite, slate, limestone, flagstone, sandstone, porcelain tile, ceramic tile, pavers tile, saltillo, terrazzo and brick surfaces. We service floors, counter tops, walls, shower stalls, kitchens, bathrooms, lobbies, fireplaces, driveways, decks throughout the Bay Area including San Francisco, San Mateo, Marin, Alameda, Santa Clara, Contra Costa, Napa, East Bay, Oakland, Berkeley, Emeryville, Piedmont, Montclair, Moraga, Castro Valley, San Rafael, Sausalito, and Hayward.