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    Travertine Cleaning

    -Travertine Cleaning- Elevator Floor Travertine Cleaning San Francisco, Bay Area This SOMA District highrise building is situated next to the San Francisco Bay Bridge. The building’s facilities manager was having problems with the travertine tile in their elevators. The travertine fills had fallen out over the years and dirt was starting to build up in […]

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    Travertine Kitchen Floor Cleaning

    -Floor Cleaning- Travertine Kitchen Floor Cleaning San Francisco, Bay Area Historic buildings in San Francisco need regular maintenance to maintain their value. This magnificent home on the peak of Cathedral Hill was no different. Stone Improvement was hired for a multiple room floor cleaning and exterior tile restoration service. We first started with the upstairs, […]

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    Natural Stone Tile Cleaning

    -Stone Tile Cleaning- Natural Stone Tile Cleaning Berkeley Hills, Bay Area This beautiful home nestled in the Berkeley Hills was in the process of a renovation. Because of the heavy construction, the marble floors throughout the home became extremely dirty. Stone Improvement was hired for a full home natural stone tile cleaning service. This service […]