Outdoor Limestone Cleaning and Coating Application

Limestone Cleaning-

Outdoor Limestone Cleaning and Coating Application San Mateo, Bay Area

Stone Improvement was called in for this outdoor stamped limestone cleaning and nano particle coating application at the Hillsdale Mall in San Mateo. The limestone cleaning process starts with scrubbing the stone and grout with our grout brushes and specialty cleaners. This loosens the dirt and mineral build up, getting it ready for the extractor cleaning. Our hard surface extractor removes the contaminates from the surface with 1,100psi water pressure and dual vacuums. After drying overnight, we move on to the nano particle coating application. This amazing natural stone coating is waterproof, protects against etching, staining, mold and graffiti, completely non-porous, creates a covalent and ionic bond with the stone, and is low in VOCs and carcinogen free. The application process was tedious but well worth the years of protection that these beautiful limestone walls will receive.