Frequently Asked Questions

01. How long do sealants need to dry?

Solvent based penetrating sealants are ready for light foot traffic in two hours, must stay completely dry for 24 hours after application, and are fully cured within 48 hours. Topical sealants take four to eight hours to dry before foot traffic and usually need 24 hours for a full cure.

02. Should I seal my grout?

Grout does not have to be sealed, but without some sort of protection, the grout will begin to absorb mold and mildew immediately after installation. Because grout is a porous material, it will readily absorb mold and stains even with regular cleaning. This can leave the grout looking discolored and dirty. Our process makes grout stain, mold, and water resistant.

03. Can all stains in natural stone be removed with the polishing process?

No. Sometimes the stain penetrates throughout the natural stone and no matter how much stone we polish off, the stain will not be removed. A majority of staining is on the surface and can be removed with the polishing process.

02. How long does new grout and concrete need to dry before sealant application?

Grout should cure three to seven days before being protected with a grout color sealant or penetrating sealant. Concrete requires 30 days for proper curing time before any stain, sealant or coating can be applied.

03. How long do sealants typically last?

Solvent based penetrating sealants last between two to five years depending on conditions ( cleaning products used, foot traffic, etc. ) and exposure ( water, salts in the air, UV light ). Grout color sealants usually last five to ten years.