Travertine Kitchen Floor Cleaning

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Travertine Kitchen Floor Cleaning San Francisco, Bay Area

Historic buildings in San Francisco need regular maintenance to maintain their value. This magnificent home on the peak of Cathedral Hill was no different. Stone Improvement was hired for a multiple room floor cleaning and exterior tile restoration service. We first started with the upstairs, tiled shower stall and marble bathroom floor cleaning. The areas are scrubbed down with our pH neutral tile and grout cleaner, and then rinsed with our hard surface extractor. This machine deep cleans the grout with it’s 1,100psi water pressure and dual vacuum system. The guest bathroom floor cleaning was next. After the bathrooms were completed, we then started on the travertine kitchen floor cleaning. The travertine had a lot of dirt embedded in the divots, making the tile look much older that it really was. After the extractor floor cleaning, the travertine looked almost new again! This was just the first half of this one day service. We also did a full outdoor slate restoration which will be featured in the next blog.


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