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Exterior Slate Cleaning and Enhancing Sealant Application San Francisco, Bay Area

Stone Improvement was hired to do a multi-room tile cleaning and exterior slate cleaning and sealing service for this client. The upstairs areas were done in the first half of the day, the slate cleaning and sealant application was accomplished in the second half of the day. Wood stain had been accidentally splattered all over the slate, leaving residue spots on the tile. We removed the stains by scrubbing the slate tile down with a natural stone stripper and our floor machine equipped with a tile scrubbing bonnet. We then went over the slate with our hard surface extractor. After the slate cleaning was complete, we then thoroughly dried the areas with our floor dryers. An enhancing, solvent based penetrating sealant was used to seal the slate tile and grout. This sealant darkened the slate to its original color and blended in the small amount of discoloration from the spilled wood stains. Now the slate patio looks great again and is protected for years to come!


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