Marble Polishing Service

-Marble Polishing Service-

Marble Polishing Service, Bay Area San Mateo, California

This was a home in San Mateo, California that had marble countertops in the kitchen that had been badly etched. Etch marks are stains caused by acidic foods or liquids that take away the sheen where the food/liquid was spilled. The only way to correct this problem is with the diamond polishing process. Stone Improvement was hired for a marble polishing service to remove the etch marks and bring back an even sheen to the marble. The diamond polishing service is done with hand grinders and water so it does not create any dust in the house. It does however create slurry which is wet marble dust. The first part of the day was spent masking off everything in the kitchen to protect it from the slurry. The diamond polishing is done with different grit levels of diamond pads. The lower grit levels are the more aggressive honing diamonds that will remove etch marks and light scratches. The higher grit levels are the finer polishing diamonds that bring back the desired sheen. We typically like to get the marble as close to original sheen as possible. After the marble polishing service, the Stone Improvement team took all of the masking down and let the marble counters completely dry before sealing the marble with a penetrating sealer. The sealer does not change the sheen or appearance of the marble. The sealer takes 24 hours to fully cure and will last 3-5 years with the proper maintenance. The Stone Improvement team left the customer with a ph neutral cleaner concentrate for the maintenance and emailed them cleaning instructions. 




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