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  • concrete refinishing

    Concrete Staining and Sealing

    -Concrete Staining- Concrete Staining and Coating Application San Francisco, Bay Area This lovely home nestled in the hills of the Sunset District had the original 1950’s vinyl laminate flooring throughout the entire house. After this was removed, Stone Improvement hopped in to lightly hone, clean, stain and seal the concrete. This concrete staining project started […]

  • Concrete Honing and Sealing

    -Concrete Honing- Concrete Honing and Coating Application San Francisco, Bay Area This was a three story house in San francisco that had white concrete floors throughout the house. The floors were getting extremely dirty so the owners wanted to get the floors as clean as possible and coated to help keep the floors looking good. […]

  • porcelain tile cleaning

    Porcelain Tile Cleaning

    -Porcelain Tile Cleaning- Porcelain Tile Cleaning and Concrete Sealing¬† on Fountain San Mateo, Bay Area This hospital in San Mateo was having problems with the deteriorating concrete clogging up the pump system in their fountain. The chlorine and other chemicals that are added to the water badly corroded the concrete, creating sand and pebbles. This […]

  • pavers tile cleaning

    Pavers Tile Cleaning and Sealing

    -Pavers Tile Cleaning- Floor Stripping, Pavers Tile Cleaning and Sealant Application San Francisco, Bay Area This building at the peak of Russian Hill in San Francisco had dirty old tile floors in its lobby. The tile was over 100 years old and had years of sealants, waxes, dirt and grime that had build up over […]

  • concrete refinishing

    Concrete Refinishing

    -Concrete Refinishing- Concrete Refinishing and Coating Application San Francisco, Bay Area In the newly gentrified 3rd street area of San Francisco is where this huge photography studio has been functioning for 15 years. This warehouse use to be a ship building facility and has the original floors to prove it. Stone Improvement was hired to […]

  • stone restoration

    Natural Stone Restoration

    -Stone Restoration- Natural Stone Restoration Orinda, Bay Area This was a home in Orinda, Bay Area that had limestone tile floors in the kitchen, hallway, and front entry. The couple we were working for had just moved into their new dream home and everything was perfect except the tile floors. Stone Improvement was called in […]

  • marble polishing

    Marble Polishing and Sealing

    -Marble Polishing- Kitchen Counter Marble Polishing and Sealant Application San Francisco, Bay Area This lovely Inner Richmond home had expensive marble counters in the kitchen. After about ten years of use without proper maintenance, these counters became heavily etched and scratched. Stone Improvement was called in for this marble polishing service. The service starts with […]

  • Natural Stone Tile Cleaning

    Natural Stone Tile Cleaning

    -Stone Tile Cleaning- Natural Stone Tile Cleaning Berkeley Hills, Bay Area This beautiful home nestled in the Berkeley Hills was in the process of a renovation. Because of the heavy construction, the marble floors throughout the home became extremely dirty. Stone Improvement was hired for a full home natural stone tile cleaning service. This service […]

  • concrete stripping

    Concrete Stripping and Re-sealing

    -Concrete Stripping- Counter Top Concrete Stripping, Honing, Cleaning, and Re-sealing San Francisco, Bay Area This hip San Francisco loft was in great condition, except for the concrete counter tops. The counters were badly stained from ten years of wear and tear. Stone Improvement was hired to refinish the counters before the sale of the loft. […]