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    -Tile Cleaning Service- Tile Cleaning Service San Francisco, Bay Area Stone Improvement was hired for a hard surface extractor tile cleaning service on this terrazzo staircase in San Francisco. It had been a very long time since the terrazzo staircase was professionally cleaned and sealed. The terrazzo had become rough and dirty due to wear […]

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    Lobby Tile Cleaning

    -Tile Cleaning- Lobby Tile Cleaning San Francisco, Bay Area This elegantly restored lobby in Downtown San Francisco had pavers tile floors in the lobby and terrazzo tile floors in the break room and kitchen area. Stone Improvement was hired for the lobby and break room tile and grout cleaning service. We first scrub the pavers […]

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    Terrazzo Cleaning

    -Terrazzo Cleaning- Terrazzo Cleaning San Mateo, Bay Area On this job Stone Improvement was hired to do a deep cleaning on these high foot traffic restaurant floors. The terrazzo cleaning consisted of scrubbing the floors with our grout brushes, floor machines, and degreaser to loosen up the stubborn dirt and scuff marks on the floor. […]